Drinks at Toby Carvery Bexley Heath

Here at the home of the roast, we want you to enjoy every single part of our delicious carvery dinners - and that means your choice of drink is very, very important.

Our fantastic beverage selection of beers, wines, spirits, soft drinks and hot drinks has something to suit every taste and occasion - and they're all great value. That's why we think we're one of the best pubs in Kent.

Wines to toast your roast...

We’ve recently added two new special wines to complement meats from our famous carvery deck. These are made exclusively for Toby guests by the Gabb family vineyards in South Africa (lucky for us):

  • Feast & Vine Cabernet Sauvignon
    This bold red wine has a high tannin content which matches beautifully with our roast beef, cleansing your palate between mouthfuls.
  • Feast & Vine Chardonnay
    A rich white wine to pair with our roast turkey. It works well with both the lightly flavoured breast meat and the darker, buttery, nutty meat near the bone.