Fluffy, ruffled, lovely roasties for the whole family to enjoy

At Toby we’re proud of our perfectly ruffled roasties, and we prefer our spuds to arrive straight from the farm. It’s how they’re supposed to be, and it’s part of what makes our ruffled roasties the star of the show.

It takes time for our precious spuds to nurture underground. So, as we go about our daily lives, it’s important for them to be protected through the sun, rain, hail and frost.

From every potato we, chop, ruffle and when it’s at it’s best… roast to perfection, we know that every bite will taste just right.

It takes time to prepare and perfect our ruffled roasties, and they're are more than worth the wait — crispy coated and delicious, keeping you, and the whole family coming back for more.

Thank mud for your spud! Find out more about our ruffled roasties by watching our video below: