Reunite over a tasty roast

Is there someone you’d love to catch up with? If so, it could be time to arrange a get-together at your local Toby Carvery, where you can enjoy quality time over a satisfying meal from our menu.

In fact, Toby Carvery is all about bringing people together – and that’s why we recently teamed up with radio station Heart to organise a reunion party for a family divided by distance.

Here’s the story…

Brothers Darryl and Maitland hadn’t seen each other for 40 years, after Maitland and his wife Anita emigrated to Canada in the 1970s to follow job opportunities. Without today’s easy access to the internet, they stopped communicating.

When their mum sadly passed away last year, they got back in touch and quickly fell into a pattern of talking every month on the phone, which has been so important to them. But both had almost accepted they may never meet in person again, due to their age and the financial barrier of long-distance travel.

That’s when Darryl’s daughter Louise decided to tell Toby Carvery and Heart about their story, when we ran a competition asking people to describe reunions they’d love to arrange. We selected Louise’s story from over 1200 entries. 

Louise describes her dad as her ‘rock’, as he’s selflessly supported her through bringing up her children – and she was keen to celebrate his kindness towards her and other people.

So we arranged for Maitland and Anita to fly into the UK and enjoy a traditional family dinner at Toby Carvery Macclesfield, with Darryl, Louise and other family and friends. And what a great day it was (take a look at our video, below).

Book your own reunion

It’s all too easy to take our loved ones for granted – so why not arrange your next family get-together at Toby Carvery, so everyone can enjoy their favourite roast dinner while you catch up? Just agree a date and book a table.

Then you can talk to your heart’s content over a tasty dinner – and make sure you arrange your next meet-up, too.