A proper Yorkshire pudding is the aristocrat of roast trimmings. The secret to cooking these towering beauties? Air – and patience.

When you've mixed your batter, beat it with a whisk as hard as you can. Now put it in the fridge to combine for half an hour, and give your arm a rest. Take out your batter and whisk it all over again. Transfer to a jug for easier pouring.

Get the oil piping hot, add the batter to your trays then pop them in a pre-heated oven at 240C/Gas Mark 8 for 20 minutes. Be sure to close the oven door slowly so you don't force all the hot air out. Oh, and don't open the door to check on progress – the cold air will make your puds sag.

Keep an eye on your creations through the glass door of the oven. When they rise and look golden-brown and crisp on top, they're done. At Toby, we aim to get our Yorkshires at least 7cm tall, but don't worry if you don't reach those heights; home ovens can be fickle. Serve straight from the oven; Yorkshires are at their best when they're piping hot and moreishly fresh.