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Toby Carvery is one of the most popular and trusted pub dining establishments in Britain and is the home of the Great British roast dinner. For over 30 years, we have been piling plates high with fresh veg, crispy roasties and slices of succulent meat, from Aberdeen to Plymouth.

With tasty Toby Carvery restaurants all over the UK, you’re never far from a delicious dinner, whether you’re loading your plate with grass fed Roast Beef and Yorkshire pudding, or starting your day in style with a full English breakfast.


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About Toby Carvery

Toby Carvery has three decades of satisfied customers behind us, and we’re part of a heritage that goes back even further. Our parent company, Mitchells & Butlers can trace their history right back to 1898.

When Mitchells & Butlers first started out, Queen Victoria was still on the throne and the first aeroplane flight was still five years away!

Today Mitchells & Butlers serves over 135 million meals and 453 million drinks every year as the leading restaurant and pub operator in the UK. At Toby Carvery, we’re proud to play our part, serving 21 million of those meals.


Who is Toby?

We’re often asked who exactly this Toby character is, and the honest answer is that no one knows for sure! The name comes from the iconic Toby jug, which is a pottery jug made in the shape of a head, usually wearing a tricorn hat, which forms the spout.

Toby character jugs can be made to resemble anyone, from John F Kennedy to Winston Churchill. A rare jug of Fidel Castro, one of only three ever made, sold for a whopping £8,280 in 2012!


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Toby gets Social

We had Jake Boys visit our Runwell Toby where he attempted to cook his first ever roast. You can see the results below...

Fun facts about Toby Carvery

• There are 158 Toby Carvery restaurants in the UK

• Toby Carvery serve 21 million meals every year

• We also serve over 39 million drinks

• 4,500 staff work hard to create your carvery every day

• We use over half a million turkeys and half a million beef joints every year

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